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Your partners and suppliers of electronic components

A team of determined, creative and enterprising people
to guide you in your selection and purchase
of products with high technological content.

High-technology products, compliant with the most recent innovations in the
Electronics and Telecommunications sector

The DSPM method

A focused strategy, based on listening,
to unite customers with the best manufacturers
to quickly provide customized solutions
and the assurance of after-sales service and integration.

DSPM’s philosophy is founded
on the perfect synchronicity between our teamwork
and a deep understanding of customers’ needs.


Those who choose DSPM choose an ally: people who listen to identify the best solutions


Dealing with Electronics and Telecommunications means being constantly up-to-date on the latest technologies


The supply chain in electronics has been optimized and meticulously built over the years


When we deliver our supplies we are confident, because we know that the end result is what the customer expects


We respond to our customers’ requests within 24 hours, because assistance is essential once the supply is complete